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Top 10 Things to do in Milton Keynes On a Perfect Day Out

For a town that is just over 50 years old, Milton Keynes has a great number of sights and attractions that can be enjoyed on a day out with friends or family. Whether it is exciting indoor venues or gorgeous natural sights, Milton Keynes has the best of both worlds. With spring underway and summer approaching soon, it’s the ideal time to gather information about all the best places you can visit and the experiences you can enjoy in Milton Keynes. Here are the top 10 things to do/places to explore in MK on a beautiful day out:

Bletchley Park

Once the primary site of British codebreaking during the Second World War, the historical Bletchley Park is a fun and exciting place to visit. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of codes, world history, or mathematics, the various exhibitions that are regularly held at Bletchley Park are worth attending for a thrilling walk back in time. From enjoying a stroll around the beautiful grounds to savouring afternoon tea at the iconic mansion, there are plenty of other things you can do on a memorable day out at Bletchley.


You may be eagerly awaiting summer, even so, a fun day at Snozone with your friends or family is highly recommended if you are looking for something adventurous to do in Milton Keynes. Recognised as the largest indoor real snow resort in Europe, Snozone is located in the Xscape centre. It offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other activities in the snow.

iFly at Xscape

If flying is your thing, then the iFly indoor skydiving experience at Xscape can give you a real taste of the sport. Whether you’re a professional thrill-seeker or someone who has just realised a newfound love for adventure, the indoor skydiving experience is guaranteed to make you come back for more.

Woburn Abbey & Gardens

Originally built as a Cistercian monastery in 1547, Woburn Abbey is now home to the Duke and Duchess of Bedford. The home and gardens are open to visitors between April to October, when you can enjoy the marvellous grounds on your tour and see one of the world’s finest art collections, including Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Van Dyck, Velázquez, and Joshua Reynolds, among others.

National Museum of Computing

You do not have to be a computer genius to appreciate the importance of the National Computing Museum. Apart from a timeline of computing and the world’s first purpose-built computer, Block H, you can view many historical computing machines built during the codebreaking days, including the world’s oldest working digital computer, the Harwell Dekatron/WITCH, from 1957.

Willen Lakeside

Willen lake was built on the River Ouzel to capture floodwater and prevent damage downstream. It is one of the best natural attractions in Milton Keynes that is flocked by local visitors as well as those from neighbouring counties every weekend. Along with enjoying picnics and walks with loved ones, the Willen Lakeside also offers you the chance to enjoy activities like cycling, boating, duck watching, wakeboarding, and water skiing, amidst mesmerising surroundings.

Treetop Extreme

Located adjacent to Willen Lakeside, the Treetop Extreme course is the UK’s biggest high rope adventure course. An absolute treat for adventure junkies and occasional daredevils alike, Treetop Extreme comes with over 50 obstacles, four zip lines, and a 13-meter free-fall simulation to give you an unforgettable experience.

Caldecotte Lakeside

Made famous by the discovery of a 150 million-year-old fossilised dinosaur skeleton, Caldecotte Lake is a beautiful scenic spot that is home to many diverse wildlife species in Milton Keynes. Enjoy a lovely picnic or lunch on the lakeside, attend monthly events or go on guided walking tours, and then finish your day with a visit to the Milton Keynes Central Library to view the dinosaur. It’s an ideal location to spend the beautiful summer days outdoors.

Mr. Mulligan’s Adventures

If you’re looking for things to enjoy with your kids in Milton Keynes, then Mr. Mulligan’s Indoor Adventures and Outdoor Adventure Golf are two experiences that will impress you and your children alike. With indoor venue themes like Underwater World and Enchanted Forest and an outdoor crazy golf adventure with two mystical 12-hole courses, you are sure to leave the experience completely mesmerised and happy!

Vertigo VR

Milton Keynes is often considered the main tech hub of the region due to a reason. Apart from a great number of tech start-ups, educational institutions, and advanced tech and digital companies, Milton Keynes is also home to some unique tech-based attractions that are unlike anywhere else in the country. Vertigo VR is one such place that allows you to enjoy cutting-edge virtual reality experiences, hi-tech PC gaming, and immersive 5D cinema.

These are just a few of the many exciting things you can enjoy and places you can visit in Milton Keynes for a fun day out with your dear ones. If you are looking forward to enjoying these experiences soon, don’t forget to book Skyline Taxis, the best taxi service in Milton Keynes, to help you get out and about in the town, easily and safely.


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