Price Guide

Skyline charge £3.70 minimum for the first 1 mile and £1.10 per mile thereafter.

We charge 50p per extra pick up or drop off and £1-2 surcharge depending on time of day. If you are ensure on the price please request a quote at the time of booking.

We accept payment by cash and credit/debit card, register for card payments on our booking app or call 01908222111.
Please mention when booking to ensure we will accept your card as payment.

Car (max 4 people) Standard Rate
Mileage Rate (Per Mile) £1.10
Minimum Fare (Up to 1 Mile) £3.70
Waiting Time (Per Minute) £0.25
Extra Drop off / Pick up £0.50
Surcharge £1.00-£2.00
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*Please note the above prices are from Milton Keynes only*