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Grab Now Joins Hands with MKFM to Launch New MK Food Bank Campaign in Milton Keynes

MK Food Bank has been playing a crucial part in helping the local Milton Keynes community through the  Coronavirus pandemic, which has given rise to unprecedented challenges for people from all walks of life. But the food crisis brought on by the ensuing lockdown has become more severe over time, causing misery to millions who depend on food banks for their subsistence. And the situation is only expected to become worse in the forthcoming winter months. In a drive to ensure the MK Food Bank is able to feed the growing number of people who rely on their support, Skyline Taxis’ sister app, Grab Now has joined hands with MKFM and launched a new food bank campaign in Milton Keynes. MKFM had previously helped the MK Food Bank collect over 64,000 tins through their efforts in 2017 and expect to surpass this figure and collect over 70,000 tins with the help of our food delivery app.

How Does It Work?

You can do your bit and help the vulnerable in these uncertain times by supporting us in this initiative. All you have to do is use Grab Now to order your food, grocery and other items from local Milton Keynes shops that are listed on the app. For every delivery Grab Now makes, they will donate four tins of food to the MK Food Bank. Along with food and groceries, Grab Now also delivers cakes, flowers, PPE, and other essential products from local retailers all over Milton Keynes.

You can also directly donate to the MK Food Bank Campaign online and help us reach our target of 70,000. Once you add the number of tins you wish to contribute and make the payment, Grab Now will complete the donation on your behalf and deliver the tins to the food bank.

The MKFM and Grab Now campaign has received an overwhelming response from the generous Milton Keynes community so far and is well on its way to reach the target. With your continued support, we hope to exceed this number and ensure that nobody sleeps on an empty stomach in these troubled times.


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