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grab now food delivery

Want to surprise your partner with beautiful flowers from Secret Garden, without needing to step out of your house? How about enjoying a delectable meal from Moore’s Fish and Chips with your family? All of this is now possible with the Grab Now food delivery app!

Milton Keynes and Northampton are home to some amazing local shops, restaurants, and retail outlets. At a time when the economy is struggling to cope with the adversities brought on by the pandemic, it is extremely important to support these independent businesses and eateries by ordering and shopping with them. To assist these local enterprises, Skyline Taxis launched Grab Now, an innovative app that allows users to order a range of products and food items from local shops, straight to their homes.

Being the largest taxi company in the region, Skyline Taxis were able to use their three decades worth of experience and knowledge of the area into making Grab Now an ideal delivery service app that could serve local businesses and the community in general. The app has been particularly helpful during the lockdown, as independent enterprises were able to continue operating and selling their products and have them delivered to people’s homes, through the app. Grab Now has not only made it possible for retail shops to improve their reach within the community but has also helped them reach areas which were difficult to access otherwise, thereby resulting in more business during a crucial period.

At a time when the frequency of going to restaurants and shops has significantly reduced, Grab Now has been a beacon of hope for retailers who can have their products and services delivered to their customers. At the same time, it has also allowed people to continue enjoying food from their favourite outlets and buy essential products when needed, with a click of a button. From delicious cuisines and essential grocery items to PPE products and delicate flowers, users can order a wide variety of products from local restaurants and shops, whenever they want to.

So, the next time you crave some juicy steak or urgently need to buy groceries for a special meal at home, use Grab Now to order from your favourite local outlets in Milton Keynes and Northampton and get it all delivered to your doorstep!

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