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Skyline Taxis – Turning Over a New Leaf for Milton Keynes

Skyline Taxis Milton Keynes Electric Cars

Despite what outsiders think Milton Keynes is a green and pleasant area to live and at Skyline Taxis we want to help keep it that way.

Why we are investing in a fleet of electric only cars.

Skyline Taxis was the first private hire and taxi company in Milton Keynes to invest in hybrid cars so no surprise we’re also the first to introduce electric only vehicles. Every month our cars make hundreds of thousands of journeys throughout Milton Keynes covering an estimated 5 million plus miles!

It’s important for us to recognise the need to make those trips as environmentally-friendly as possible. The introduction of electric only cars is a significant step. The restrictions of battery life and access to charging points has in the past hampered our ability to introduce electric only vehicles. Pleasingly Milton Keynes Council has seen the potential of electric vehicles and leads the way in making the city one of the UK’s prime areas for providing electric vehicles charging points.

Currently, the Council has installed 170 standard charging points with a further 56 rapid charging stations available throughout Milton Keynes; this number is rising on a daily basis. Recently, the UK’s first multi-brand electric vehicle showroom opened in central Milton Keynes making a statement of intent for the city.

We have also seen an announcement by Volvo that they will phase out petrol only cars and more car manufacturers are sure to follow. Electric vehicles are most certainly the future, and at Skyline Taxis we like to lead from the front. The introduction of the Nissan Leaf is the start of our program to revolutionise our fleet and as the technology of battery life improves we will look to introduce more and more electric vehicles.


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