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Most Popular Takeaway Food of Milton Keynes – What’s MK’S Favourite?

Milton Keynes is home to some spectacular restaurants and cafes that offer diverse food choices to the food-loving population of the town. Even amidst repeated lockdowns during the past year, the food scene managed to stay busy thanks to the local community’s love for food and their kindness in supporting domestic businesses to survive. While nothing can beat the experience of sitting in a beautiful restaurant and enjoying their delicious specialities, the people of Milton Keynes still like enjoying meals from their favourite restaurants by ordering takeaways. Although there are loads of popular takeaway food choices, there are some which are more frequently ordered than others. Here’s our list of the most popular takeaway food of Milton Keynes in no particular order:


There is no shortage of great pizza places in Milton Keynes, so pizza remains one of the most popular takeaway food choices. From Papa Johns, The Fat Pizza and The Pizza Box Co, to Eezy Pizza & Desi Cuisine, Eagle Fish & Chips, Ash’s Fish & Chicken and more, Milton Keynes has enough to satiate all the cravings of a hardcore pizza lover!


Another popular fast food choice, burgers, is extremely well-loved by the Milton Keynes population. With varieties such as Chicken Steakburgers, Lamb burgers, Beef burgers, Veggie burgers, Wagyu, and Codfish burgers, it is of little wonder that burgers are a hot favourite when it comes to takeaway food in MK.


Jerk chicken and Curry chicken are very widely enjoyed around the country, and Milton Keynes is no exception. Eagles Jerk & Grill is a very popular restaurant that offers scrumptious varieties of Jerk Chicken, Beef Burgers, Chicken and Oxtail Stews and Curried Goat, making it one of the most authentic Caribbean takeaway places in Milton Keynes.


Another favourite cuisine of the people of MK is Indian. Defined by the tantalising aroma of spices and fresh ingredients, Indian food and curry are extremely popular takeaway choices. Alpine Indian Takeaway and Namji are two of the best takeaway places for enjoying authentic Indian food in Milton Keynes.

Other Notable Mentions

If you’re a foodie who enjoys trying different cuisines and food varieties every week, then Milton Keynes is the place to be! Along with the ones mentioned above, there are several other cuisines that are popular for takeaway, such as Mexican, Japanese, Mediterranean, and Chinese, among others. Moreover, Milton Keynes also offers a good selection of dessert and cake takeaway places that are loved for their awesome variety of sweet treats.

Do you agree with our list of the most popular takeaway food in Milton Keynes? Which one is your favourite? Whether you wish to order takeaway and enjoy your favourite meals at home or plan a dinner date at your favourite restaurant, Skyline Taxis will be there to take you to any delicious destination in Milton Keynes!

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