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What is a Full Breakfast & How Can You Enjoy One in Milton Keynes

Have you ever judged a restaurant or café on its breakfast menu? Do you like enjoying a hearty breakfast every weekend? You’re not alone! The scrumptious variety of food that is part of a full English, Scottish, Irish, or American breakfast is the reason why so many people around the world love gorging on them every weekend. Since breakfast is an essential meal that can help you sustain yourself throughout the day, it is important that it is healthy and hearty. If you’ve never enjoyed one and are curious to know what is in it, read on.

Full English Breakfast

Also called a “Fry-Up” or a “Full-Monty,” English breakfast consists of sausages, bacon, eggs, mushroom, grilled tomatoes, beans, and fried bread. It’s called a “full” breakfast because that’s how it is meant to make you feel after consuming it. There are loads of variations of the English breakfast. Every region offers their own twists to the original version by adding smoked fish, black pudding, cereal or porridge, bubble and squeak (potatoes and cabbage), and other food items that can make breakfast exciting. English breakfast is often enjoyed with fresh juice, or more commonly with tea or coffee.

Full Scottish Breakfast

A full Scottish breakfast is very similar to an English breakfast but also includes certain Scottish food varieties, which make it distinct from the British form. When you order a Scottish breakfast, you’ll still get the Fry-Up, but may also include Lorne sausage, Tattie scones, Haggis, Oatcakes, Kippers & Arbroath Smokies and Porridge, among other things.

Full American Breakfast

American breakfast is also mostly inspired by its English counterpart. However, it consists of a lesser number of food items and includes fried or poached eggs, sliced bacon or sausages, toast with butter, jam or jelly, pancakes with syrup, cornflakes or other cereal, juice and tea or coffee.

Scientists have found that a full breakfast offers the best start to the day, as all its ingredients have the right nutritional content to keep you going throughout the day. Traditionally consumed by workers to help them stay energized throughout a hard day of labour, a full breakfast still remains a popular choice for the first meal of the day.

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